Monday, August 26, 2013

First day of school....first day of school!

I remember when I was a SAHM, and I LOVED the first day of school.  Now I miss out on that because by the time the kids wake up, I am already out the door, and busily preparing things for my own students.

Today was an adventure.  I have my work cut out for me.  I am exhausted.  I think I am getting a cold.  I am still up at 10 PM, because after three hours of class, I have a ton of work to do in order to be prepared for tomorrow.

Now I know why I completed my first half ironman without training....I have no time!  I definitely don't have time to be sick either!

I'm off to tackle my "to do" list, which means I can't swim in the morning.  Did a 60 mile bike ride yesterday, and I might have to switch my rest day to Monday since the only time I have to workout is before school, and usually I need to be there early to take care of things!  I can't get sick.  I can't get sick.  I can't get sick.  I can't get sick.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Today was the first day at my new school.

I met a teacher who is a triathlete, and she is doing the same half ironman that I am doing!  So excited to have another resource to bounce ideas off of and training trips.

I talked to her about swimming, and she said that her husband rigged something up so that they swim "banded" and can swim continuously.  I need to ask her to take pictures and send it to me.  I could potentially recreate this in the pool in my backyard, and still continue swimming.  I know I can train at the local pool at the college, but that seems sooooo far away!  (Killeen is not that big of a town!)

Our PE teachers are going to start doing Insanity as a school, so we can all get in shape!  The teacher I mentioned earlier, also needs to work on her running, which is something I need to do as well.

So excited about the new year and all that lies in front of me!

Oh, and 75 thrusters at crossfit is not easy!!!!

Back to work!

Today is my first day back at work after my restful summer vacation.  I'm excited to be at a new school, and have a positive outlook on this year!

Yesterday Sheila and I went on a 30 mile bike ride.  Well slightly less than 30, but in less than two hours!  We killed it!  Hills and all.  Here's hoping we can get even faster on the bike over the next two months, and we also won't have the heat to deal with come October....I hope!

I hung out with the kids the rest of the day till the evening, when my friend Mare, had booked us massages.  The first 30 minutes were free (for teachers), and Mare purchased an additional 30 minutes as an early birthday present.  The massage was amazing!  I have had sports massages before, but they weren't very restful because the person talked the.entire.time.  I like to sleep!  It was a deep tissue massage, and the spot on my back that no one has ever been able to hit, she found.  The stars had a aligned!    She could point out where I was tight and really knew her stuff--glutes, IT band, etc.

I didn't want to get off her table, but alas, we had things to do.  In our relaxed state, we ran a few errands, and I made it out of each store without buying anything.  Easy to do when you are saving your money for your European vacation next summer!

Got the kids tucked into bed when I got home, and even went to bed early, so I'd be ready for work today.  I'm supposed to be there in 45 minutes, so I guess I better get rolling out the door before I get another cup of coffee and wind up late!

Crossfit and running tonight!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Taking a Break....

I'm not going to my classroom this morning, or training.  I'm taking a much needed break and getting my hair done.  I need to cover all this gray, so my students won't know how really old I am!  I'm even printing out pictures of my deep in mud, and jumping over fire so that they see how "cool" I am.  Okay, well as "cool" as a 40 year old teacher can be!

I'm horrible about taking care of myself, and usually focus all my attention on other people or my school, work, and training.  Truth be told, while I will enjoy getting the fro tamed, I will have a hard time sitting there that long doing nothing.  I'll have to bring my ipad and get some reading done.

Abs has an appointment this morning to have her hearing checked out.  She constantly has to pop her ears (like when you fly), and unless she is looking at you, she can't hear you.  I'm hoping it is just selective hearing, but with Abs, nothing is that straight forward or easy.

Em is off at driving school, and that leaves Junior.  He gets to spend the morning with my Baylor roomie, and her two kids.  It's nice having a friend here that I have known for 20+ years, and can count on for anything day or night.

I was all set to go swimming this morning, with Sheila, at the crack of dawn, but being the genius that I am, I set all three alarms for pm.  Ugh.  Story of my life!  I even went to bed early!  I've got crossfit at 5:30, and it's a partner "filthy fifty".  One of my favorite workouts, and it has to be easier with a partner, right?!?!?!?

I need to get my bike ride in too.  I better check the weather.  Gunner and I were going to go riding yesterday, but by the time I got home from my classroom, it was pouring down rain.  By the time it finally stopped raining, it was time to feed the kiddos dinner, and then I headed off to crossfit.

So now I will have to fit it in before crossfit, or after crossfit, and get Sheila's bike back to her.

Three more days of summer vacation, and then my summer is over.  Time to make the most of it!

Friday, August 9, 2013


I've picked up the keys to my classroom, and I am ready to get in there next week and get it ready for the kiddos.  I'm also ready to get all my teaching stuff out of the garage!

I was able to hit crossfit 5 times this week, in addition to my regular training.  I swam once, biked 3 days, ran 3 days, and floated in the pool 2 days.  Have to have priorities!

My eating has been on point.  I've gotten more sleep except for one night, but that's still a HUGE improvement.

I have new bike fever after seeing Malinda's new bike!  I just got a lead on where to buy a bike at cost, and I will have to check it out.  Very tempting!

Plans for this week:
  1.  Rock climbing.  I love it, and although it won't be Garden of the Gods, I want to do it this week at least once.
  2.  Ride outside.  Try a group ride.
  3.  Swim wod for this week's swim workout.

I've been doing my best to stay hydrated this week as well.  Tomorrow we go pick up Em from camp, and I am already thinking about all the water I am going to have to pack while we are out in this heat!  I need to make sure that I am hydrated for the bike ride on Sunday--there is supposed to be a cold front coming in, so the temps might dip down to barely less than a hundred.  Looks like another early start time!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Living Life

One thing I know from experience, is that you have to make your training plan fit you.  I have been reading up on more and more training plans in all my "free" time.  They say to drop at least one workout that you are the strongest in, and pick up one you are the weakest in.  To me, that means drop the swim, and increase the bike.  Tonight I did 6 miles worth of hill sprints.  Racing up a hill, and coasting back down.  In 104 degree heat, it wasn't easy.  When it was all done, I went to crossfit.  LOL  I must have a death wish!

While my thighs hurt during crossfit, I still accomplished what I wanted to do, which is work on my bike, and do crossfit, which I love.  I still made it home to play with the kids, have dinner with them, and get them tucked into bed.  I may not get much sleep, but I am happy.

I've been spending tons of time with the kids these last two weeks, and I've been loving it.  I have found the balance....for now....of family and training.  To me, my focus is my family, and they are what is most important.  My training is second.  When school starts, my family will still be first, my job will be second, and training will be third.

Sure I might miss a workout, and that might bother some people in their lives, but to me, it is about balance.  I will find that balance, and I will make it work.  I have proven that I have endurance, and now I will prove that I can balance the family first, and everything else second.

I won't feel bad for these choices, and I know that I am smart enough to make the time I do spend training to count.  I have family that supports me, friends that support me, and coaches that support me, which is really all that I need.  I believe in myself, and I believe in my ability to make the right decisions for me.

So, while I know that I might not be the "typical" triathlete, I know that I am capable of everything that I set my mind to....that's worth its weight in sweat.

Monday, August 5, 2013


Sunday Sheila and I headed out on our 50 mile bike ride.  I started with two big water bottles, with half gatorade, and half water.  We filled up at BLORA, after going about 25 miles.  When we reached about 40 miles, we hit the guard shack to get on post, and I begged them to fill up my water bottles again.  By the time we finished all 50 miles, I was out of water again.

I still felt thirsty, and I am trying to figure out what I am doing wrong.  I did read an article that talked about excessive sweaters, and wondered if that was my problem.  I don't usually sweat excessively, or so I thought.  Granted I do live in Texas, and it did get hot, hot, hot.

I'm worried that I need to strap 20 water bottles on my bike, as well as a few camelbaks.  Granted the temps will hopefully be cooler when we race in October, but I am still concerned that I'll be passed out somewhere on the side of the course because even with aid stations I run out of water.  Is there something that I am missing on the hydration front?

What's the best way to approach this?  How do I ensure that I stay hydrated.  I did need to stop for a potty break at mile 25, but after the next 4 bottles and a giant gatorade when I got home, I didn't use the restroom again till about 2 hours after I got home.

I'm open to any suggestions at this point (you know, from the two people that read this!)