Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Workouts

I think I like Sunday workouts the best.

I have few commitments, and I often have the time to put forth the effort.

Today my training partner and I biked from Fort Hood to BLORA.  We did about 35 miles round trip before we hit the pool.  I know that we could have gone further, but it started to get hot.  Texas hot.  So we opted to end at 35.  Next weekend though, I think we will go at least 56 or just under.

I just discovered that mapmyrun allows me to customize bike routes too.  This could be dangerous.  Very dangerous.

Things that I thought about on our ride:
  1.  I need to work on nutrition.  What do I need to do during the race in order to be successful?
  2.  Training does work, and I am so much stronger than I was when I did my last tri at the end of June.  So much stronger.  It's amazing!
  3.  Maybe I don't suck at the bike as much as I thought!

I still have a long way to go, but at least I am making progress, and that makes my time on the trainer worth it.  Gunner mentioned getting a hard tire to put on my bike for the trainer, so we don't have to keep switching out the tire that I use on the trainer, to one appropriate for the road.  I guess it's one more thing that I need to do in all my free time time.

Gunner took the Jr and Em fishing tonight.  Maybe they will be able to satisfy my craving for fish tonight.  If not, I have salmon as a backup.  Tomorrow I hit the paleo program hard, and I am determined to get in fighting form.  My roomie from Baylor is going to be competing in the same triathlon, and she is a dorce to be reckoned with, so I have to be on my game!

Tomorrow I just have to run.....early or late.....that's the question right now.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Week 5

I'm on week 5 of our 18 week training plan.

Just completed 2 hours on the bike trainer.

Tomorrow at 5 it is the swim, then I am coming home for a run.  Crossfit at night.

Studying in between.

Mobility after crossfit, after I practice my pullups.  Must have one by end of summer.

In more exciting news, my second MRT project is almost complete, and my thesis proposal was approved.  Now I just have to make a few changes and submit a ton of paperwork.  Looks like I will graduate in December with Gunner, if everything goes according to his plan too.

I still suck at eating, but I am thinking about the whole family going Whole 30.  The kids will hate it, but they need better eating habits now.  It takes more prep work, but I'll fit it in somehow.  I always do.  I will also work on improving my sleep.  I know one pretty big way to do that, and it starts Sunday night!

This sunday we are going to swim 1.2 miles and bike 56.  I know I can do both of them, but I will be interested in my times.  I also need to buy a new pair of shoes since my NB minimalists are falling apart.

On the fun side this weekend, I think we are going to go hiking with the kids to Chalk Ridge Falls, and my Baylor roomie and I are going shopping in Salado!  Have to balance the work with the fun!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Barely above water....

Not only do I take on everything fitness related, but now all of my school stuff is coming due, and I am trying to balance it all.

I had to skip my swim workout this morning, because I spent half the night preparing for a professional development I had to give today on reading comprehension.  When all that was over, I had to meet with my professor to iron out the details for my thesis proposal.

Ran to crossfit, and then spent the rest of the night doing thesis stuff.  Tomorrow morning I am running.  I have to.  Then I have to work on thesis stuff as I am presenting to my committee that afternoon.  I also have to study for my Master Reading Teacher test, prepare a HUGE project where I am creating a new math and science reading comprehension curriculum, and do the plethora of paperwork in order to make sure my proposal gets approved and I can start planning it.

Sunday Sheila and I met to do our early morning swim.  The pool was closed.  We did what any two crazy people do, and joined Gold's Gym for 7 days.  We hit the pool that morning, and then yesterday we did the hot yoga class.  I have only been to yoga a few times, and while I have always sucked at it, I was shocked how I did that night.  I was strong.  I managed all the poses, but a few times I couldn't master the advanced moves.  I sweated like a pig, and my clothing was drenched enough I could wring it out.  I now know the value of a yoga towel.

We couldn't just be satisfied with hot yoga, so we hit the exercise bikes afterwards.  We rode an hour, and our distance and avg mph was not great.  I am convinced it was because of the bikes.  On the road, I know we are faster.  We will be hitting the roads on Sunday, and getting in a 40 mile bike ride.  Then we will really know where we stand and whether or not our time on the trainer equates to what we ride on the road.  I'm actually pretty excited about it.  Weird, I know.

I really need to work on cleaning up my eating.  That's next on the list!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Training Nazi!

I am the queen of not training, and signing up for long distances, and hoping for the best.

Tonight at crossfit I noticed a difference now that Sheila is making me accountable.

I am faster, I am stronger, and even at 40 years old, I am a rock star.

We swam at the crack ass of dawn, and what should have taken us a while was over in about half an hour, even with us extending the warmup and cool down.

We are getting fast.  Really fast.

Did I mention that we swam with our crossfit coach on Sunday?

Korin RX
Sheila RX

He admits that it was hard.  Nice to finally beat him at something, not that I am competitive or anything.

I was up at 5 am to swim, and then after class all day I hit the WOD, then rowed for 2K, then did pullups.

I think I am on to something....

Monday, July 8, 2013

My new favorite food.....

I can eat almost anything but chow mein noodles and celery.

I am back in class this week, so I packed my healthy snacks and lunch, and headed off.  Class is from 9-3:30, then I tutored a student from 4-6, came home and hopped on the trainer for half an hour, and then headed off to crossfit.

Crossfit is always a good workout.  I was supposed to do another hour on the trainer when I got home, but I had to cook something to eat.  (No worries, I will make up that hour tomorrow!)

I threw together some stuff, and since I have no palette, it tasted absolutely wonderful.

My kids would never eat it, and I think my husband turned up his nose a little bit.  It was a pound of ground turkey, 2 cans of rotel, spicy cajun seasoning, a bunch of lentils, and topped it off with greek yogurt.  I already have some packed up to take for lunch tomorrow.  I really should learn to cook, but in the meantime, I will probably eat this three times a day for a week or two or three.

Tomorrow morning it is our 5 AM swim.  Ugh.  not looking forward to it at all.  Last time I survived the day by taking two naps!  If only I could learn to go to bed early....

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Ode to my bike trainer....

Ode to bike trainer
O bike trainer, I do appreciate thee.
Always helping to tire me.
I always go to you when I need
to ride.
I trust you to toughen me,
Always sticking by my side.
I will always appreciate thee.
O bike trainer, I do appreciate thee.
I can depend on you for
making me sweat.
Thank you for ripping my back tire to shreds.
You rescue me from boredom.
Thank you bike trainer I do appreciate

Yes, I should be studying, or working on my thesis proposal, but after 2 hours and 15 minutes on that thing, I felt like it deserved an ode.

Got up this morning way before I had to, and hit the pool.  This time we brought along our crossfit coaches, who were going to do the half with us, but have opted after the swim, to check that off their bucket list at a later date.  I can understand that!  The swim is the most intimidating part for most people.

After a quick 1300 meter swim, working on distance, I hit the books for an hour.

I once bought one of those garmin attachments that went on the bike so you could see how far you were going while you were on the trainer.  I never was able to get it to work, so I just have to guesstimate on the length of time it takes me to ride the amount in the training plan.  Today was supposed to be 30 miles.  All I know is that when I finished, my cute little lululemon shirt was soaked, along with the rest of me.  I hung it up on the side of the tub and it was dripping sweat.  Gross!!!

It's also the reason I was on the trainer instead of outside in 100 degree heat trying to get in the mileage.    I ran last night at 8 pm, and I was drenched in sweat before I had even done a mile.  I managed 3.52 miles before I had to run home and get some water, and that a/c felt so good........I never made it back out.  Training fail.  The heat of Texas might do me in!

Something I did learn today is that the trainer wears down the back tire.  Thank goodness for google.  How did I ever survive without it?

My lunch of eggplant, chicken, and brussel sprouts has been served, with a black bean and greek yogurt puree.  We watch too much chopped in this house.  Tomorrow I am back in class, tutoring a student, and have a swim, bike, and hopefully crossfit to work into the mix.  Happy training!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Training Schedule

I obviously picked someone to train with that is not going to let me back out of anything!  This is the perfect thing for me though, as I have a habit of solely doing crossfit, then showing up with no specific training to complete a triathlon.  At the last half ironman that I did, someone asked me when my last open water swim was. water?  Last year.  In the pool other than to tan or float?  That was also last year.  I will actually be doing this race prepared, what an amazing concept!

Today it was 90 minutes on the bike trainer, followed by mobility.  

My mobility partner...

Tonight I went to dinner with Sheila and Malinda and talked food.  I don't eat enough, drink enough, or  eat the right things.  I've been working on that, but apparently just eating beans and rice isn't all that great either.  Meal planning is next up to master.  It's also probably the most important thing I need to take care of.  I do like a glass or two of wine though!  

On tap for tomorrow is the WOD if I get up in time, maybe a little running, rowing instead of swimming, and floating in the pool, and a potential second WOD.  My knees are hurting tonight, but I am content.  The kids are in bed and it's time for me to hit the books before bed.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What time are we swimming?

I am following the intermediate half ironman training plan that Sheila found on the internet.  This morning, it required me to get up at 4:30 AM to hit the pool.  Of course after my two mile run yesterday, and an hour and a half on the trainer, I should have fallen into bed.  Instead, I managed to stay up till midnight.

I made it to the pool on time though, and completed the 1250 meter swim.

I was awake!  Alive!  Ready to seize the day!  I came home with all intentions of studying and working on my thesis.  I ate my breakfast, settled down to work, and promptly fell asleep.  I'm sure it had nothing to do with me lying on the couch, covered up with a blanket, and the lights off.

One of the hardest things I am finding hard to do is balance my time with everything that I want to do and need to do.  I need to clean my house.  I need to write my thesis, I need to study for my MRT test on Monday morning.

I really just need to buckle down and do it all, and quit worrying about facebook, or reading articles on cycling, or how to improve my run.  (BTW, all evidence points to the only way to get faster and stronger for the bike portion is.....more time in the saddle.)  I guess I was hoping for some magic cure or exercise.

My eating has been on point, and I even made jalapeƱo hummus for a snack.  I put 5 jalapeƱos in it, and it still didn't have the kick in it that I was looking for.  Hot=better.

I followed the recipe found on pinterest:
Everyone that has tried it, swear by it.  I am the worst about drinking water unless I am sweating it out during some physical activity.  I'll let you know how it turns out!

I've got black beans cooking, my water infusing, and a thesis calling my name.  I'll leave you with a conversation from last night.

I walk into the living room after I had finished up on the trainer and found this.

Me:  What are you doing?
Junior:  Riding a bike.
Me:  To where?
Junior:  To my ironman.
Me:  You sure you want to do that?
Junior:  If they let me use floaties and training wheels, I am in.

I hope that one of them is motivated by the example that I try to set for them!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Training Day 1

I'm working on my Master Reading Teacher certification this summer, and my thesis, but I actually have this week off, so I am trying to do it all and spend time lounging by the pool and hanging with my three favorite sidekicks aka the kiddos.

On the plan for Monday is to bike 20 miles.  This isn't always easy to coordinate, so I'm setting up my trainer, and aiming for an hour and a half on the trainer.

Trainers are pretty boring, but if you are a mom, you don't always have the freedom to take off and ride at a more convenient time, and there's no way I'm biking at night, so trainer it is.

I thought about going to crossfit tonight, but I did just do a triathlon yesterday, so maybe I can take a day off from that.  I'm trying to get over the guilt of missing crossfit.  When you go consistently for years, to take it away is like cutting off my arm.  I'm sure I have plenty of homework to do to pass the time.

My eating is a huge problem.  Gigantic.  In my family, we love to eat, and we all plan our trips around where we are going to ear.  The plan is:

Breakfast--2 farm fresh eggs from the outlaws (their chickens are better fed than any other chickens on earth), and veggies from the farmer's market
Lunch--meatloaf muffin and veggies from the farmer's market
Dinner--chicken and veggies

Of course healthy snacks of veggies and a little fruit in between meals.  No more diet cokes (my weakness), or monsters (which don't keep me awake anyway, and are probably pickling my liver), and a glass of red wine once a week if I want it (solely for me to have a healthy heart, right?).

One of my coaches is a gold medalist in powerlifting, so I am meeting with her and my training partner on Wednesday to knock out a good meal plan for us.  Hello size 6, I hope you are in my future!