Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Living Life

One thing I know from experience, is that you have to make your training plan fit you.  I have been reading up on more and more training plans in all my "free" time.  They say to drop at least one workout that you are the strongest in, and pick up one you are the weakest in.  To me, that means drop the swim, and increase the bike.  Tonight I did 6 miles worth of hill sprints.  Racing up a hill, and coasting back down.  In 104 degree heat, it wasn't easy.  When it was all done, I went to crossfit.  LOL  I must have a death wish!

While my thighs hurt during crossfit, I still accomplished what I wanted to do, which is work on my bike, and do crossfit, which I love.  I still made it home to play with the kids, have dinner with them, and get them tucked into bed.  I may not get much sleep, but I am happy.

I've been spending tons of time with the kids these last two weeks, and I've been loving it.  I have found the balance....for now....of family and training.  To me, my focus is my family, and they are what is most important.  My training is second.  When school starts, my family will still be first, my job will be second, and training will be third.

Sure I might miss a workout, and that might bother some people in their lives, but to me, it is about balance.  I will find that balance, and I will make it work.  I have proven that I have endurance, and now I will prove that I can balance the family first, and everything else second.

I won't feel bad for these choices, and I know that I am smart enough to make the time I do spend training to count.  I have family that supports me, friends that support me, and coaches that support me, which is really all that I need.  I believe in myself, and I believe in my ability to make the right decisions for me.

So, while I know that I might not be the "typical" triathlete, I know that I am capable of everything that I set my mind to....that's worth its weight in sweat.

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